Silversmithing services include the repair of dents and splits in hollowware, fabrication of missing pieces such as feet and handles, and straightening and soldering damaged flatware. broken flatwareWe can fit new stainless knife blades into sterling handles and replace brushes, combs and flatwaremirrors for antique dresser sets.

For the special newborn, we can create a baby cup, spoon or rattle, design and fabricate trophies for equestrian, sailing or other events, and produce one-of-a-kind works of art for a truly personal wedding present.  We welcome the privilege to commission a piece for you and the chance to own something unique and handwrought.



Restored golf and equestrian trophies.

A few pieces of the owner’s personal work

We offer hand engraving by Master Engraver, Gail Hedgepeth. Here is an example of her phenomenal work…Pic5 Pic6

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